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Practice Sessions and friendly Competitions


Fun for All Ages,

Great for Families, Play Social Games, Team building Events,

(Schools, office staff etc.)

Meet New People

and Be More Active in this new Pastime.

Pétanque is one of very few sports which can be played by all on an equal basis, regardless of age or physical ability (for example wheelchair bound players can compete with able bodied). It is also a highly sociable and informal game, without the restrictions of dress codes or the traditional legacy sometimes associated with more established sports such as grass bowls, golf, tennis etc.


Petanque (pronounced ‘pay-tank’ or ‘pay-tonk’) is a French game played with hollow metal balls (boules) and a jack (cochonet – or ‘piglet’). Pétanque is played on hard ground such as compacted sand/earth or gravel. In France it is played in town squares, parks, camp sites etc – you may well have seen people playing on holiday. In Scotland we play on ‘all weather’ gravel surfaces which are better suited to our unpredictable climate.

    Petanque is a true community sport as anyone can play regardless of physical ability or age. Some people will be social players who are simply looking to meet new people and play social games. Others will only wish to compete in small club competitions. Established players are always on hand to assist those who wish to develop their game.

History of Pétanque
Why Play Pétanque?
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